Stacy Pend





After a lifetime of working as a special educator and school change agent in New Jersey, in the quest to write my coming-of age memoir, I relocated back to the land of my childhood haunts, in the green hills of Arkansas. Along the way, I re-found my first love and got married! Currently, I divide my time between teaching and writing and, geographically, between Little Rock and Oklahoma City.  In these two great cities, I'm finding a range opportunities to creatively help students including community and college settings (both face-to-face and online). Additionally, I have the privilege of serving as the press secretary for Jo McDougall, the Poet Laureate of Arkansas. 

I write narrative poetry as well as modern English-language haiku and haibun.  Still working on that memoir.  I hold an MFA in Creative Writing/Creative Nonfiction from Chatham University and a Master's in Special Education from Rutgers University.

By the way, I'm also an advocate and activist.  In my latest project, I'm developing a program to deliver haiku poetry instruction to incarcerated persons. 

My Publications